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Évènement : EICAR 2010

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Ajouté par Gof, 19 févr. 2010

Prenant place 10 mai 2010 jusqu'au 12 mai 2010 03:00 - 02:59 (évènement étendu)


19th EICAR Annual Conference

The 19th Annual EICAR Conference to be held on May 10th and May 11th 2010, with a pre-conference program on May 8th and 9th at the ESIEA Engineer School/Institute of Computer Science in Paris, France.

The conference brings together experts from industry, government, military, law enforcement, academia, research and end-users to examine and discuss new research and development in anti-virus, malware, e-security, e-forensics, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Management and legal aspects of the information technology.

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