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Évènement : CeCOS IV

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Ajouté par Gof, 02 mars 2010

Prenant place 11 mai 2010 jusqu'au 14 mai 2010 03:00 - 02:59 (évènement étendu)


Counter-eCrime Operations Summit 4

Du 11 au 13 mai 2010, à Sao Paulo. The fourth annual Counter-eCrime Operations Summit (CeCOS IV) will engage questions of operational challenges and the development of common resources for the first responders and forensic professionals who protect consumers and enterprises from the ecrime threat every day. This year's meeting will focus on the development of response paradigms and resources for counter-ecrime managers and forensic professionals. Presenters will proffer case studies of national and regional economies under attack, narratives of successful trans-national forensic cooperation as well as models for cooperation and unified response against ecrime and data resources for forensic activities.

This is an important opportunity for stakeholders to meet, define common goals and to plan the harmonization of resources for the global counter-ecrime effort. If you are an information security professional, law enforcement officer, counter-ecrime technology developer, CISO/Security manager, (military or corporate) intelligence officer, policy analyst, technologist, legislator, legislative researcher, industrial standards author, corporate security manager, private investigator or academic/industrial researcher in ecrime you should attend this summit.

The program will be spread across a three-day conference event on May 11, 12 and 13 in Sãu Paulo, Brazil at the Blue Tree Towers Morumbi Hotel. The APWG believes under-appreciated operational issues are important enough to be the focus of a conference dedicated exclusively to them. They're often talked about as sidelights but rarely addressed directly as an organizational imperative for the entire counter-ecrime community. CeCOS IV makes those operational issue the central focus of the program for the benefit of all ecrime fighters.

Lien site officiel : http://www.antiphish...0_opSummit.html

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