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Évènement : Malware 2010

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Ajouté par Gof, 18 sept. 2010

Prenant place 19 oct. 2010 jusqu'au 21 oct. 2010 03:00 - 02:59 (évènement étendu)


Malware 2010

Du 19 au 20 octobre, à Nancy. Welcome to the 5th IEEE International Conference on Malicious and Unwanted Software (Malware 2010) to be held at the Grand Hotel De La Reine, Nancy, France, Oct. 19-20, 2010. The conference is designed to bring together experts from industry, academia, and government to present and discuss, in an open environment, the latest advances and discoveries in the field of malicious and unwanted software. Techniques, economics and legal issues surrounding the topic of Malware, and the methods to detect and control them will be discussed

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