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Évènement : ECIW-2012

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Ajouté par Gof, 29 oct. 2011

Prenant place 05 juil. 2012 jusqu'au 07 juil. 2012 03:00 - 02:59 (évènement étendu)


11th European Conference on Information Warfare and Security ECIW-2012

Du 5 au 6 juillet 2012, à Laval . ESIEA is proud to welcome the 11th edition of the European Conference in Information Warfare in its beautiful city of Laval. We intend to make this event as enjoyable as possible both on scientific and human aspects. As in previous years, ECIW will address elements of both theory and practice of all aspects of Information Warfare and Security, and offers an opportunity for academics, practitioners and consultants involved in these areas to come together and exchange ideas. We also wish to attract operational papers dealing with the critical issue that the modern world has to face regarding the evolution of cyberwarfare capabilities development by nation states. The programme for the event promises an extensive range of peer-reviewed papers, networking opportunities and presentations from leaders in the field

Lien site officiel : http://academic-conf...eciw12-home.htm

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