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  1. Bonjour! NoScript CHANGELOG v ===================================================================== x Fixed Linux Flash blocking crash when placeholders are active (thanks mastro for report) x (Hopefully) ultimate fix in referrer XSS sanitization (thanks Alan Baxter) v ===================================================================== x Further cosmetic bug fix in referrer XSS notification template Direct Download link @ NoScript site:
  2. Comodo Free Personal Firewall v2.3 released (CPF version ..."recommend reinstalling instead of updating to receive latest network rules and setup enhancements like DEP activation" What's New In CF - the "ROCK" NEW! Comodo LaunchPad is now optional NEW! Protection against buffer overflow attacks via Windows DEP Activation NEW! Comodo Firewall now has its own system tray icon NEW! Windows XP Fast USer Switching Support NEW! Added Do Protocol Analysis Option NEW! Added packet checksum verification feature NEW! Added an option to define Alert Frequency level NEW! Added defense for own registry keys and files against malware tampering NEW! Added Suspicious file submission capability NEW! Added Update capability for COMODO certified applications database IMPROVED! Defense against process termination attacks for critical firewall processes IMPROVED! Default network control rules IMPROVED! New icons for rules section IMPROVED! Tasks and Advanced section layouts are redesigned IMPROVED! Effect on OS system performance has significantly been decreased IMPROVED! Reduced Memory Usage IMPROVED! Many graphical user interface enhancements (e.g. REMOTE keyword is changed to DESTINATION in rule interfaces) System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/64 MB RAM/32 MB DH space Note - Not compatible with Windows 9x systems Comodo Firewall Downloads» "The only firewall that doesn't leak ..Comodo's Firewall is unique in that it passes all known leak tests to ensure the integrity of data entering and exiting your system."
  3. BOClean 4.20 Released! Introducing BOClean 4.20.... BOClean means never having to run a "Hijack This" log again. As a BOClean user, this new version will ensure that promise! This Critical Upgrade version is offered within the BOClean Maintenance Agreement, so it's free of charge for all verifiable customers. Site license asignees need to reach their technical contact for upgrades. We do not have asignee lists for licenses, sorry. If you purchased Digital River's Extended Download Service when you purchased your copy of BOClean (within the past 2 years), access the Service to download your upgrade version at will. The system will tell you that you are downloading the version you originally purchased. IGNORE THIS. It's an anomaly we cannot get around. You will receive the current version and build. To upgrade your BOClean to version 4.20 (excluding BOClean EDS customers), please email us at [email protected] In your request, please include any or all of the following: Your order number, email address at the time of purchase, full name and on a separate line, the correct email address to send to. If there is no address specified in the email, the file will be sent to the sender's "From" address. Please be sure this address can accept file attachments, and that your software is set to accept attachments as well. It may not be able to be received at many web-based email services (i.e. hotmail, yahoo or juno). We now send encoded files as a default, as our new encoded file is designed to get through all the blocks we've seen. Full instructions are included, it's actually very very easy to handle. If you can receive an EXE or ZIP and would prefer those formats, please request them in your email. This will help to expedite a reply and get you your software quicker. Please allow at least 24 hours to receive a reply. We'll get your software to you as quickly as possible, but it's still possible there will be delays. Being sure the file attachment will get through first will be the biggest help in getting your file faster, and will prevent delays due to resend requests. NSClean Privacy Software division Privacy Software Corporation [email protected]
  4. MSAS Def # 5777 17 novembre 2005 Verification: Help>About>Diagnostics>Increment Version 130/130.
  6. Bonsoir a tous IE-SPYAD for ZonedOut (Final - non-beta) 14 novembre 2005
  7. Bonjour mes amis: Un petit 'translation', si vour plait ipl ZonedOut v2.1 Oct. 7, 2005 Change Log: Version 2.1 10-7-05 Fixed importing/adding of super long URL's Improved deleting and "remove all" entries Fixed "apparent" freezing on large remove all and Import functions Added total sites count in progress bar Important Notes: Known Issue (all versions) -If you have by chance "immunized" your computer with Spybot Search and Destroy, and use ZonedOut to "Remove All" restricted sites - ZonedOut will remove your trusted sites as well. Note that if you remove Spybot Search and Destroys Immunization the problem goes away..... All Versions - ZonedOut only manages IE Zones for the "Current User" - and not on a "Local Machine" Basis. «More Info & Download»
  8. Merci beaucoup ipl (I hear that a new version ZonedOut is coming
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