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[Résolu] Windows 10 Unidentified Network Error

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Hello All, 

I just recently installed a new motherboard and processor in my PC. After thatimage.gif.469458ae7f2af473bb039384807cd631.gif, I install windows 10, as well as the drivers/utilities for my new motherboard. I am having one issue. I plugged in my Ethernet cable and it comes up as unidentified even though it all worked fine before with my other set up. WiFi is up and running on multiple devices through the house.. I have already tried resetting the router, unplugging cables and putting them back in and have had no luck so far. The LED on the port suggests that it is connected.
I ran the windows troubleshooter and it came up with this message:
(“Ethernet” doesn’t have a valid IP configuration)

Also, I am unable to connect to any source of interwebs and see the grey dinosaur on chrome when I tryimage.gif.cb469863cde3782338a580cfc316caaa.gif, so can anyone help me to solve this. 

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Hello gulshannegi,

Thank you for your message, but we only intervene in this forum in French language.
So we would be happy to help you, but only in French: is that possible for you?


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sorry for that, i will keep this in next time, but thanks for the reply, i found the solution here: (Official Site) and (Available on the Internet). 

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Invité Notpa


Despite the Tonton's notification, you continue to use english language. So, I regreat to lock this topic.

Next time, write french or go to an english speaking site.



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